3 Resume Mistakes to avoid in 2023

3 Resume Mistakes to avoid in 2023
Resume Mistakes to avoid - a Walkthrough

We are living in an exceptionally competitive job market and our resume is the first thing potential employers will see.

The average time taken by a recruiter to “scan” a resume is 6-7 seconds. Though most of the big corporations use a software called the applicant tracking system (ATS) to scan resumes.

Moreover, while writing resumes for freshers, it becomes more crucial to be detail oriented and as specific as possible.

And hence, it’s key to avoid all the big don’ts which can land your resume in the “no” pile!

In this blog post, we’ll be guiding you through resume mistakes which are better left out of your resume.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Professional Picture on Resume

For a number of convincing reasons, using a photo in a resume is strongly discouraged.

  • First off, it may promote bias and cause discrimination during the recruiting process.
  • Employers could have preconceived assumptions about a candidate's physical attributes, color, or gender based on a visual representation they are given, which would violate the equal opportunity principle.
  • Resumes should only highlight a candidate's education, training, and work history that are pertinent to the position being sought.
  • Additionally, a photo in a resume can also cause privacy and potential data protection issues to come up.
  • Personal information is frequently included on resumes, and providing a photo raises the possibility of identity theft or unlawful use of one's image.

In order to maintain a better level of confidentiality during the hiring process, protecting individual privacy is essential.

2. Resume longer than two pages

Resume should never be more than 2 pages.

Resumes are essential tools for showcasing a candidate's abilities and experiences to prospective employers.

But in today's cutthroat job market, brevity and clarity are crucial. As a result, resumes for freshers shouldn't be longer than two pages.

  • First of all, employers frequently receive a large number of applications and only have time to quickly read each resume. A targeted and short document improves the likelihood of grabbing their attention and emphasizing the most important information.
  • Second, hiring supervisors may find it difficult and time-consuming to scan extensive resumes. Employers like material that is concise, understandable, and that highlights the candidate's most important abilities and accomplishments.
A two-page limit compels candidates to only include the most important and recent experiences, making sure that each specifics is important.
  • Finally, readability and simplicity are given priority in current resume trends. Employers can explore and quickly understand the material more easily if it uses a clear layout with lots of white space. employment seekers may produce targeted, compelling resumes that stand out in a crowded employment market by following the two-page rule.

3. Use of no Action Verbs

Action verbs are essential to a resume

In order to create resumes that are powerful and successful, action verbs are essential.

These powerful words provide your accomplishments a boost of enthusiasm and energy, compellingly presenting your abilities and successes.

  • You may turn passive descriptions into active assertions that grab the attention of hiring managers and recruiters by employing action verbs.
  • Action verbs, in the first place, aid in expressing initiative and proactivity. They show that you took an active involvement in those roles rather than just as a spectator. Words like "initiated," "managed," "implemented," or "led" show that you can take the initiative, make decisions, and move initiatives along.
  • Furthermore, action verbs provide your accomplishments more detail and specificity. You can highlight the unique tasks and results you accomplished by using verbs like "created," "developed," or "solved" rather than just saying that you "worked" on a project.
  • Employers are able to appreciate the depth and scope of your work thanks to this degree of specificity.
  • Last but not least, action verbs contribute to a strong and lasting impression. They help you stand out from other applicants by making your CV more interesting and memorable.
  • An employer can picture you actively contributing and having a good impact within their firm when they read phrases that contain action verbs.

There's one thing left..

Now that your resume is ready to be distributed to hiring managers, let's work on some advice for applying effectively.

The importance of looking for possibilities is typically undervalued, and people frequently rely on a single source of information, making this the most important step.

To maximize your job hunt, consider the following advice:

  • Make a list of every brand you can think of that is associated with your niche.
  • Apply by visiting their careers website.
  • From those in your network, request recommendations.
  • Thoroughly search the apna app and other job sites.

We hope this blog was helpful. What do you think could be a resume mistake?

Post your comments in the comments provided below. We'll see you soon.

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