The Art of Writing a Resume for Freshers!

The Art of Writing a Resume for Freshers!

For new graduates who are just starting out in their careers, writing a resume can be an exhausting task.

There are numerous factors to take into account, including what all to add, how to structure it, and how to make it stand out.

We'll talk about how to write a resume for freshers in this blog post. We’ll also be giving you advice on what to include, how to format it, and how to make it distinctive.

If you smartly observe everything that is in this blog post, we can guarantee that your dream job will not just be a dream!

Without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

What does a resume for a fresher look like?

You might not have a lot of work experience to list on your resume when you're just starting out.

But that doesn't mean you can't design a powerful resume that will get you recognized by employers. The trick is to use proper resume templates and layouts.

There are two basic resume formats for freshers that are popular: chronological and functional.

  • The chronological format lists your work history in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent job.
  • The functional format emphasizes on your talents and abilities, rather than your professional experience.

If you have some work experience, the chronological format is a good choice. But if you are a fresher with little work experience, the functional structure may be a better alternative.

Here is a free resume template site to explore!

Summary: There are two types of resumes to explore: chronological and functional. For students or freshers who are just starting out, functional resumes work better.

Let's add data to our resume!

Let's add data to our resume!
  • Start with your contact information - Your name, email address, contact information, and mailing address should all be included in here.
  • Write a resume objective or summary -This is a brief statement that highlights your talent and experience, and what you are seeking for in a position.
  • List your education - Include the name of your school, your degree, and your GPA. If you have any relevant courses or extracurricular activities, be sure to highlight those as well.
  • Highlight your skills. This is where you can list your hard skills (e.g., proficiency in certain software programs) as well as soft skills (e.g., communication, teamwork, problem-solving).
  • Add any relevant work experience. This doesn’t have to be a full-time position, can be an internship or any volunteer work in a field of your choice.
  • Get comments from others. Once you have created your CV, ask a friend, family member, or career counselor to examine it and give you feedback.

Tips from the Author: 

  • Keep your resume concise and easy to read.

  • Proofread your resume carefully before submitting it.

Spice up your resume with some action!

Resume for freshers should always have action verbs

Action verbs are powerful tools that can allow you to highlight your talent and accomplishments on your resume.

When used effectively, they can make your resume more persuasive and enable you to get noticed by hiring managers.

There are numerous other action verbs that you can use on your resume, but some of the most prominent ones include:

  • Achieved: This verb shows that you have met or exceeded expectations.
  • Analyzed: This verb shows that you have the ability to think critically and solve difficulties.
  • Communicated: This verb demonstrates your capacity to persuade people of your knowledge.
  • Created: This verb implies that you are creative and have the ability to come up with fresh ideas.
  • Managed: This verb demonstrates your leadership and motivational skills.
  • Oversaw: This verb demonstrates your capacity for taking on responsibilities and completing tasks.
  • Represented: This verb demonstrates your capacity to operate in someone else's place.

It's crucial to utilize action verbs on your resume that are particular to your qualifications and expertise.

Ensure that the verbs you use are powerful and action-oriented as well.

Here’s Harvard’s entire dictionary of verbs as well as resume guide for better understanding.

Summary: Using action verbs can increase visibility and effectiveness of your resume.

Any feedback is good feedback!

It’s extremely essential to send your resumes to people you look upto or someone who has been working for sometime.

Understanding their perspective of your resume can help you refine it better.

Make sure you take enough feedback and work on it diligently. But remember that too much of anything can be harmful. Take just enough feedback and not confuse yourself over it.

The final step.

The final step.

Now that your resume is fit to be sent out to hiring managers, let’s work on some tips on how to apply in an efficient way.

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your job search:

  1. Make a list of all the brands you can think of (relevant to your niche).
  2. Go to their careers page and start applying.
  3. Ask for referrals from people in your network.
  4. Search thoroughly on the apna app and other job platforms.
  5. Don’t waste even a minute and get started!

We hope this helped. What do you think is the biggest challenge in a job hunt?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. We’ll see you soon.

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