Transforming Recruitment:'s Swift Solution for an Emerging Bank

Transforming Recruitment:'s Swift Solution for an Emerging Bank

In a high-stakes race against time, an emerging bank faced the formidable challenge of building a robust recruiting team from scratch in just two weeks. With only one recruiter at their disposal, they were grappling with limited resources and an urgent need to onboard 20 recruiters. This is where stepped in as the catalyst for change, offering an innovative solution that not only met the bank's requirements but exceeded expectations.

The Challenge

The bank's recruitment team was faced with a daunting task - to hire 20 recruiters within a mere two-week timeframe. The constraints were clear - a single recruiter could only do so much in such a short span. Traditional methods of hiring would not suffice. A fresh, unconventional approach was required.

The Solution

Step 1: Tapping into the apnaDatabase began by leveraging its vast and diverse talent pool, the apnaDatabase, to identify potential recruits. With access to thousands of profiles,'s cutting-edge technology narrowed down a list of 2000 relevant candidates, ensuring a high probability of finding the right talent swiftly.

Step 2: Utilizing Bulk WhatsApp Feature

Recognizing the power of instant messaging and the convenience it offered, utilized its Bulk WhatsApp feature. The selected 2000 profiles were contacted en masse, inviting them to apply for the job opportunity. This innovative approach not only saved time but also allowed for efficient outreach to a large number of candidates simultaneously.

apna's WhatsApp Invite Feature's Product Screen
apna's WhatsApp Invite Feature

Step 3: Engaging the Talent

The impact was immediate. Over 150 individuals responded promptly through WhatsApp, expressing their keen interest in joining the bank's recruiting team. The streamlined communication through WhatsApp made it easier for candidates to respond, accelerating the engagement process.

Step 4: Remarkable Conversion Rate

The final outcome was nothing short of remarkable. In just one week, successfully facilitated the hiring of 8 recruiters for the bank directly from its platform. This impressive achievement translated into a staggering 5% conversion rate, an outcome that exceeded expectations and defied conventional recruitment norms.

In the face of adversity, where time was of the essence and resources were scarce,'s innovative approach not only met the bank's urgent need for recruiters but also set a new standard for recruitment efficiency. By harnessing the power of its extensive talent pool, the Bulk WhatsApp feature, and streamlined communication, proved its mettle as a reliable and resourceful hiring partner.

This case study showcases how is not just another recruitment platform but a strategic partner capable of delivering exceptional results when the stakes are high. For recruiters seeking swift, effective solutions, has proven that innovation and technology can revolutionize the hiring process. To understand the platform better, please get in touch with us here

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